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FAQ's - Wood Mulch

Is wood mulch cheaper than pinestraw? Yes, over the long run wood mulch products are much cheaper as they decompose at a much slower rate than pinestraw. Pinestraw usually needs replacing two times a year, whereas wood mulch products will only require a light top-dressing to refresh color once every two years or so.

Cost Comparison: Wood Mulch vs. Pinestraw

Hardwood or Cypress Mulch: To cover an area of 1,000 square feet at a 3 inch depth for a two year period will require 8 yards of our wood mulch product. At an average on the high side of $24 a yard (our price per yard for our dyed mulches is much less than $24 per yard!) the cost to cover 1,000 square feet of area is $184 for the first two year period.

Pinestraw: To cover the same 1,000 square foot area with pinestraw would require a minimum of 80 bales every 2 years. (40 bales per year times 2 years = 80 bales). So, 80 bales of pinestraw at a cost of $3.50 per bale needed to cover 1,000 square feet every two years = $280. (Note: Pinestraw maintains a fresh appearance for only a few weeks after spreading and is highly susceptible to wash and erosion and can easily be blown away by wind.)

Are there termites in your wood mulch? No. There are no termites in our wood mulch, PERIOD!

Where do you deliver to? Presently, we deliver our wood mulch to most areas in Georgia, North Florida and surrounding areas in AL, TN, and SC. Contact us at 678-699-5764 to inquire about delivery to your area.

Which type of wood mulch last's the longest? The various wood mulch and cypress mulch products we produce will last for several years in the landscape. Eventually, these mulches will decompose converting into beneficial organic matter. Regarding our dyed muclhes, test's we have conducted at our facility show that the coloration last's for 24 months or more before a raking or light top-dressing is needed to refresh color.

Will the mulch stain concrete? Occasionally dyed mulch is still wet when delivered and the colorant can leave a non-permanent stain on everything it touches. It will wash off if you do it right away. Also because it is so fresh and wet, the colorant may "bleed" off the mulch if rained irrigated upon within the first day or two after installation. It usually takes about 48-hours to dry and take a permanent set, so you may want to watch the weather forecast before you spread.

How thick should I spread wood mulch? It depends.

Planted beds or islands: Mulches should be spread approximately 2 to 3 inches thick on the soil between the planted material. Avoid piling-up the mulch on the plant stems or tree trunks as this could cause stem rot and/or limit the plants intake of oxygen.

Playgrounds: Mulches should be spread at a depth of 6 or more inches for residential or commercial playgrounds. Refer to county codes and guidelines for public or school playgrounds. SEE: Playground Certified Mulch

Use our Mulch Calculator to determine amount of mulch you will need tosufficiently cover an area.

Will your wood mulch wash away? Our shredded wood mulch product forms a fibrous mesh on the surface of the ground that holds in place much better than pinestraw or pinebark chips.

How quickly can I get my order of wood mulch delivered from Mulch Direct? Once your order has been taken by one of our sales representatives we will immediately process the order and be back in touch with you as soon as possible with an approximate delivery time. We know that time is money and therefore do everything we can to schedule deliveries at your convenience and deliver as close to on time as is possible. Occasionally, accidents or delays happen and we will notify you if there will be delay with the delivery of your order.

Which wood mulch is best suited for playgrounds? We have a Playground Certified Wood Mulch and Playground Certified Cypress Mulch that are both perfect for playgrounds.

Is the dye on your colored wood mulch toxic? No. The dyes we use are environmentally safe. The dyes are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and safe to plants, children and pets.

If you have any questions, need further assistance or would like to receive a quote for any of our mulch products call 678-699-5764.


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