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Mulch Installation Services

Our mulch installation process is the fastest and most cost-effective
way to apply landscape materials. Using this process we can access areas considered difficult or inaccessible up to 300 feet away. We serve commercial, municipal, and residential properties, as well as playgrounds all over the Southeastern US. We service many landscape contractors and government agencies allowing them to re-allocate labor to more profitable assigments.
By contracting the installation of mulch to us, you will:
Save Valuable Time - A typical 5 person crew can spread 8 cubic yards per hour. With a blower truck our 1 or 2-man crew can spread between 30-100 cubic yards per hour!
Save Money - Mulch Installation is consistently cited as the least profitable, labor intensive aspect of the business for grounds maintenance and landscaping companies. Contracting mulch installation to us allows contractors to re-allocate labor to more profitable assignments. Also, our methods of installation result in more even dstribution saving our customers 10-15% on quantity of material used versus manual installation. In other words, a project that requires 100 cubic yards of mulch by manual installation will typically require 85 yards with our method of installation.
Eliminate Damage - Virtually eliminate damage caused by equipment traffic, as well as the need to create access
to backyards. Our hoses will access areas up to 300 feet away!
Highest Quality Mulch - All of the wood mulches we spread are triple-ground and clean.
Even Distribution and Uniform Coverage - Our installation process allows for near-perfect distrubution of mulch. If a 2" layer is what you want, 2" is what you'll get throughout the entire mulched area! As a result, we've found that our customers save 10-15% on quantity of material used versus manual installation.
Our Guarantee - Our goal is nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction and backed by 100% guaranteed results!

If you have any questions, need further assistance or would like to receive a quote for any of our mulch products or installation services call one of our sales representatives:

Georgia / J.C. Steele - 678-699-5764 or Email: jcsteele@mulchdirect.net
Florida / Spencer Young - 813-598-8676
or Email: spencer@mulchdirect.net

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