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Mulch Delivery

Mulch Direct delivers bulk landscape mulch to anywhere in Georgia, Florida and surrounding areas.

All bulk mulch products are dumped from 18 wheel tractor trailor trucks. Our trucks need a fairly flat and level surface to dump. Steep driveways or hills may present a problem. Please have an alternate dump location planned if there is any doubt about the dumping situation.

There is a deliver fee for each and every delivery.

Our recommendation is to always try to schedule a delivery several days in advance. Upon placing an order with one of our representatives, our dispatcher will begin to schedule a delivery time for your order. This process usually takes no less than an hour or so to accomplish and we will call you back as quickly as possible with an estimated time of arrival. If the time of arrival does not meet your approval we will be more than happy to schedule a delivery for another time.

NOTICE: If you place an order for mulch and then decide to cancel the order, please give us 24 hours notice of cancellation prior to the scheduled time of delivery. Otherwise, if our truck is already in route to deliver your mulch it will be necessary for us to retain the delivery fee to cover the expenses for the delivery - however, we will promptly refund the cost of the mulch.

Delivery Restrictions
We do have a minimum sales order required for a delivery to be scheduled. The smallest amount of bulk landscape mulch we ship is 35 to 50 cubic yards, depending on your location, and the most we can ship on one truck is between 80 and 100 yards, depending on the product.

If you are on site when the truck arrives with your delivery, we may be able to dump portions of the load in several areas per your on site instructions.

We cannot combine different bulk landscape mulch products on the same delivery truck.

NOTE: Although we take great care during our deliveries, we enter your property at your request and risk, and Mulch Direct will not be responsible for any possible damage to driveways, sidewalks, overhanging trees or other obstacles that may be present.

If we have an adequate description of the location for dumping your mulch, you do not need to be present at the time of delivery.

Off-driveway Dumping Requests
Because our drivers know the truck and its capabilities, they will evaluate the conditions and make the final decision about whether dumping in the location specified. Please have an alternative dump location planned just in case our driver is not able to dump at the originally specified location. Keep in mind that our trucks have a wide turning radius and may not be able to negotiate tight turns in your yard or driveway.

If you have any questions, need further assistance, or would like to receive a quote for any of our mulch products call one of our sales representatives:

Georgia / J.C. Steele - 678-699-5764 or Email: jcsteele@mulchdirect.net
Florida / Spencer Young - 813-598-8676
or Email: spencer@mulchdirect.net


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