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Sod Direct is a Division of Wilson Bros
Tree Delivery

Trees Direct delivers high-quality field-grown and container-grown trees to anywhere in Georgia and surrounding states.

Depending on your location and the quantity and size of trees ordered, trees will be delivered on various size large trucks and/or trailers. Our trucks need a fairly flat and level surface to unload. Steep driveways or hills may present a problem. Please have an alternate delivery location planned if there is any doubt about the unloading situation.

There is a deliver fee for each and every delivery. Contact Steven Whatley at 678-677-5931 to receive your quote for trees and delivery fees to your area.

Our recommendation is to always try to schedule a delivery several days in advance. Upon placing an order with one of our representatives, our dispatcher will begin to schedule a delivery time for your order. We will call you back as quickly as possible with an estimated time of arrival. If the time of arrival does not fit your schedule we will be more than happy to schedule a delivery for another time.

NOTICE: If you place an order for trees and then decide to cancel the order, please give us 48 hours notice of cancellation prior to the scheduled time of delivery. Otherwise, if our truck is already in route to deliver your trees, it will be necessary for us to retain the delivery fee to cover the expenses for the delivery - however, we will promptly refund to you the cost of the trees minus a 10% restocking charge.

Based on your location, we do have a minimum sales order required for a delivery to be scheduled. Contact us to inquire about minimum order to your area.

Our drivers do not assist in unloading your order. For large-size field-grown or container-grown trees more than 30 gallon in size, it will be necessary for you to have adequate equipment on site, such as a skid steer loader or forklift, to unload trees. Container-grown trees 30 gallon and under can usually be unloaded by hand by two persons.

Per your instructions, we may be able to unload trees in several areas of the delivery/job site.

If our tree installation service is to install your trees, you will not have to be present at time of delivery as our professional installers will handle tree inspection and unloading.

NOTE: Although we take great care during our deliveries, we enter your property at your request and risk, and we will not be responsible for any possible damage to driveways, sidewalks, overhanging trees or other obstacles that may be present.

Because our drivers know the truck and its capabilities, they will evaluate the conditions and make the final decision about whether unloading can safely be done in the location specified. Please have an alternative unloading location planned just in case our driver is not able to access the originally specified location. Keep in mind that our trucks have a large turning radius and may not be able to negotiate tight turns in your yard, driveway or small parking lot.

We guarantee our trees to be healthy and meet industry standards upon arrival to your site. At the time of delivery and during the unloading process please closely inspect your trees to identify any damage that may have occured to trees during the loading of your order. If you find any damages, or have any questions or concerns about the health or condition of your trees, please contact us before allowing our driver to unload trees or leave the delivery site at 678-677-5931. If our representative cannot be reached, please call 770-954-9862 as an alternate phone number. Failure to contact us immediately upon delivery regarding the condition of your trees may result in void of guarantee.

NOTE: Trees Direct cannot be held responsible for damages that occur to trees during and as a result of the unloading process. If you have contracted with Trees Direct for tree installation, and the installers damage trees during the unloading process, Trees Direct will assume responsiblity for such damage.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest quality trees and service at the lowest possible price.

If you would like more information about our trees and services call: 678-677-5931
For more information about our trees and services call: 678-677-5931
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