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  2008 (For Zone 8 )

The 20 plants below were the most popular among our customers at Wilson Bros. Nursery for 2007 (Printer Friendly List Below)


#1 Knock Out Rose These absolutely carefree landscape roses bloom spring through the fall, are exceptionally low maintenance, plus resistant to blackspot and other nuisance diseases. Knock Out roses do fine with as little as four hours of sun though full sun produces more blooms. Moist, well-drained soil preferred. Knock Outs thrive in humid climates where most other roses need spraying and maintenance and are winter-hardy in zones 4 to 10. More info

    #2 Loropetalum Also known as the Chinese Fringe-flower, these flowering shrubs belong to the witch hazel family. Most are rounded evergreen shrubs that can reach 4 to 15' in height depending on the variety. Loropetalums are excellent selections for mass planting on borders in beds or islands, as screens, in foundation plantings, and the taller varieties such as Zhu Zhou make great tree...more info
    #3 Indian Hawthorne We include these mounding evergreen flowering shrubs in every landscape design we draw (where deer are not a problem). Dwarf Indian Hawthornes are great for using in foundation plantings, grouped in sunny beds and islands, or as low, informal hedges.The pretty, star-shaped blooms are produced in massses atop the rich green foliage in Spring...more info
    #4 Encore Azlaea People who adore spring blooming azaleas can now enjoy an explosion of Encore Azalea® color season after season. Encore Azaleas® are the only patented brand of azaleas to bloom in spring,summer and fall! Each of the 23 Encore varieties begins their performance with the spring flowering season. Once this “first act” of blooming concludes, new shoots begin...more info
    #5 Gardenias Gardenias are most known for the abundance of exquisite, white, highly fragrant flowers they produce from May into summer. The evergreen waxy foliage is a deep dark green and glossy. We usually plant these fragrant wonders near windows or sitting areas where the fragrance can be enjoyed, and on the south or east side of a home or building where...more info

#6 Hydrangea 'Endless Summer' A mophead hydrangea that can bloom on both old and new wood. The notion was simple and, once the breakthrough was made, the results have been spectacular. The repeat blooms of Endless Summer® The Original truly offer gardeners an endless summer of incredible color. This hardy plant is perfect for everything from foundation planting to container gardening. They even make an ideal floral arrangement or table setting as cut flowers...more info

    #7 Spirea 'Gold Mound' is a low, mounding, exceptional accent or contrast shrub. The brilliant golden foliage holds its color all season long if planted in full sun. Flushes of mauve-pink flowers contrast nicely with the foliage and appear in late spring and continue into summer...more info

#8 Nandina 'Harbour Belle' is a new dwarf nandina featuring a compact, dense form, maintaining a height of 18 to 24 inches with luxuriant spring foliage of multi-colored hues of pink which matures into dark green and heavily textured leaves. Harbor Belle™ is accentuated by the appearance of small white flowers in the spring and in the winter months her red berries contrast perfectly with the sophisticated foliage of burgundy and maroon...more info

    #9 Daylily 'Stella Deo Oro' This daylily is unrivaled in duration of bloom as it produces bright golden-yellow trumpet flowers for up to 5 months during spring and summer. It's shorter height (15-18") makes it an excellent choice as a border for beds or along walkways...more info
    #10 Lantana (perennial)Aside from being highly attractive flowering plants, lantana's are the single best perennials for attracting butterflies. All varieties produce an abundance of nectar-rich flower clusters from May to frost that are absolute butterfly magnets! 'New Gold' and 'Mozelle' are lower growing and a good choice for the border, while the larger growing 'Pink Caprice' and 'Miss Huff's Hardy' are great for the...more info
    #11 Crape Myrtle A southern landscape is not complete without a Crape Myrtle(s). No other tree that we know of blooms as long as the Crape Myrtle. The varieties listed here produce large cluster-flowers in abundance for 60 days or more during summer! Crape Myrtles are extremely drought tolerant however, will also tolerate damp soils. The 'Fauriei Hybrid' cultivars are highly resistant to powdery mildew and...more info

#12 Ice Plant Hardy Ice Plant is an exceptionally drought tolerant succulent with needle-like leaves and fluorescent purple flowers that make this evergreen groundcover a sight to behold. Hot, sunny conditions keep the flowers coming from April to October...more info


#13 Hosta Lily Though hosta lilies do produce white or lavender blooms that rise above the plant on tall stalks, they are primarily known for the outstanding color and texture they bring to the garden. These bold beauties are perfect for lighting up shady areas of the garden. There are simply...more info

    #14 Abelia 'Mardis Gras' Pink tinged, green and white variegated leaves explode forth in early spring followed my enough fragrant, white flowers with a pinkish hue to cover the plant. Plant en masse or in a container for dramatic color all year round...more info
    #15 Heucheras Nobody ever imagined just a few years ago that the little ordinary green leaved Heuchera - that's been around since the stone age - would bring about so many new colorful hybrids as are on the market today. Breeding experiments yielded such a rainbow of color that the whole perennial world has been revolutionized by their transformation...more info
    #16 Maiden Grass Slender, very upright blades on strong, vigorous clumps make Maiden Grass one of the very best landscaping grasses. It is also very decorative in the winter, the plumes being persistent and the plants fading to a soft tan. The plumes are good for dried bouquets. We plant Maiden Grass wherever the sun shines in areas that have well-drained soil...more info
    #17 Tea Olive The Tea Olive is a fast growing, large, upright evergreen shrub or small tree that can reach 20 ft height and 6-8 ft wide, but is usually seen in landscapes at 6-10 ft high. During the entire Spring and Fall seasons, fragrant, white flowers are produced in abundance. Individually the blossoms are small and inconspicuous, but the fragrance is powerful and exquisite...more info

#18 Magnolia 'Little Gem' This Southern Magnolia is our favorite of the dwarf selections growing to 25 feet in height and about 10' or so in width. The leaves are dark to medium green on the top and copper-orange underneath. Flowering begins from the first year of life and the fragrant white flowers are produced in abundance every year from June to frost...more info


#19 Carolina Sapphire Cypress Carolina Sapphire is the fastest growing conifer we've seen for making a privacy screen! Faster growing than Leyland Cypress, the Carolina Sapphire adds 3' to 5' per year and will reach a height around 40 feet. The attractive foliage is bluish-grey in color and contrasts well with plants nearby...more info

    #20 Japanese Maples Japanese Maples (acer palmatums) are a widely cultivated family of plants useful as small trees, large shrubs, container plants, and bonsai. There are many exciting cultivars that look good in many different situations. Japanese maples are surprisingly easy to grow and maintain. In our 22 years exerience in the field we've...more info
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