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Bermuda Grasses


Because of its dark gray-green color, drought tolerance, and high tolernce to foot traffic, Bermuda grass has become the most popular choice for sunny southern lawns. Bermuda grass creeps along the ground and roots where ever a node touches the ground, forming a dense mat. It also reproduces from roots under the ground. It has a deep root system, and in drought situations the root system can grow quite deep. Most of the root mass lies 24 inches under the surface. Its blades are a gray-green color and are short, usually 1 to 4 inches long.

Bermuda grass can grow in poor clay soil but performs best in sandy clay or soils that will crumble in your hand when squeezed. Irrigation is not necessary but will enhance performance and appearance during dry spells.

Sod Direct Offers The Following Varieties of Bermuda Sod:
TifSport Burmuda
  TifSport Bermuda is new Bermudagrass superior to Tifway and far superior to the common Bermudas now posing as Tifway in many areas. Excellent for use for use on athletic fields and golf courses, as well as high end landscapes and lawns. A grass with superior color, cold-hardiness and disease resistanance. Excellent turf density, turf strength and turf quality. Rapidly recovers from injury...more on TifSport Bermuda.
TifWay 419 Bermuda
  Tifway 419 Bermuda is a very dense and fine textured hybrid bermuda grass. It is low growing and spreads rapidly. Its density, fine texture and soft blades provide a soft cushion in which to walk and play. Although not required, for those willing to devote extra time in maintenance, Tifway 419 will provide an extremely high quality turfgrass. Recommended for residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses...more info on TifWay Bermuda
Patriot Bermuda
  Patriot Bermuda is an excellent grass for any yard. It is a dense, high performance turfgrass. Patriot offers excellent cold hardiness compared to other hybrid Bermuda grasses with overall high turf quality. Patriot is well suited for areas requiring high quality turf such as: golf course tees and fairways athletic fields home landscapes commercial landscapes parks and playgrounds. Its appearance Its appearance and quality is is on par with...more info on Patriot Bermuda
For more information about our products and services call: 770-573-4420
SOD DIRECT offers these grasses in sod form:
For more information about our products and services call: 770-573-4420
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