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We ship our wood mulch products direct to your site anywhere in Georgia and surrounding areas. - Our rubber mulch products can be shipped anywhere in the US or international.

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Landscape™ Rubber Mulch Testimonials

“Landscape™ Rubber Mulch is wonderful. Spring is coming and I don’t even have to think about mulching!”

- Dennis Mcityre,
Brick, NJ


“We used to use wood mulch, but then we switched to Landscape™ Rubber Mulch. It never fades, and there’s no maintenance. We water with less frequency now, but best of all, it keeps the weeds down. If we ever have to make the choice again, we would definitely choose Landscape™ Rubber Mulch.”

Russ Horrocks,
Langhorne, PA


“When we laid down Landscape™ Rubber Mulch, the best part was that it was clean. There was no dirt and no mess - so easy! Every time we go outside, we enjoy looking at our garden.”

John Clooney,
Boca Raton, FL



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Landscape™ Rubber Mulch FAQ's
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