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  Surefoot™ Equestrian Arena Protective Footing Testimonials

"For the horses who are completely sound and pretty good movers, they move even better, freer, with more relaxation, length of stride and suspension. For the horses who are older and a little arthritic, the difference is dramatic. They are instantly so much more comfortable that they move significantly better."

- Cindy Sydnor,
Dressage Instructor, competitor, trainer, AHSA dressage judge,
USDF certification examiner, Snow Camp, NC


"Poor footing results in insidious destruction of bones, joints, and soft tissue. Your horse cannot make the decision to stop this abuse. I made an investment in our future. I got Surefoot to help. It's SURE - no sliding, cupping, or rolling. It's ALIVE - my horse can spring and lift with ease. My back no longer feels the concussion of each stride - imagine how the horse feels!"

Carol Lavell,
AHSA judge and competitor in dressage for the USA


"Footing is critical to the soundness of the horse. Poor footing endangers soundness. Sometimes poor footing leads to an acute problem, such as a bowed tendon or strained suspensory," which the veterinarian specialist notes can be addressed right away, but, Dr. Clayton adds, "often the real problem is that the effects of daily concussion may not be apparent until years later when arthritic changes become apparent."

Hilary M. Clayton,
holder of the McPhail Dressage chair in Equine Sports Medicine at Michigan State University


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Surefoot™ Equestrian Arena Protective Footing FAQ's

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