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6-2-0 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer
A single rose bush. A plush green lawn. Perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees or vegetables in the garden. They’re as different as can be. But they’re all made vibrant with Milorganite - America’s favorite organic nitrogen fertilizer. It’s easy and it works here, there, everywhere - anywhere you want good things to grow.
  • Non-Burning – Foolproof application. No need to water in! Use in the hottest weather!
  • Slow Release – Provides uniform growth and a well-established root system.
  • Rich in Iron – Contains a whopping 4% Iron that provides a rich green color and maintains it over periods of heat stress.
  • Environmentally friendly– Resists leaching

Total Nitrogen (N) 6.0%
0.75% Water-Soluble Nitrogen
5.25% Water-Insoluble Nitrogen (Slowly Available)
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 2.0%
Calcium (Ca) 1.2%
Total Iron (Fe) 4.0%
Nutrients Derived from Biosolids

Milorganite® has been fertilizing home lawns, golf courses, and all types of plants and trees for over 75 years.

Why is this? It works!

Milorganite® has several components that make it friendly to your lawn and plants.
NITROGEN: Over 85% of the nitrogen in Milorganite® is in a slow release form.
This means that the nitrogen is released to your lawn and plants as they require this
essential nutrient. Fast release nitrogen fertilizers can stress plants, especially
during hot summer months. They also cause plants to grow very fast; encouraging
disease and insect damage that a healthy plant would not incur.
IRON: Milorganite® contains 4% naturally complexed iron. This iron does not
stain concrete patios or walks. It does help plants turn dark green without causing
excessive growth. Again, this causes less stress on the plant. And less clippings to
mulch or remove.

Wilson Bros. Observations - We've been using Milorgantite at the nursery now for about 2 years. If what you want is healthy, vibrant green plants, Milorganite is the food to feed with. At home we are using it on vegetables with amazing results. Best thing, it is safe for the environment and will not burn your plants or lawn - even during the hottest months of summer. We even use it in outdoor container plants and have seen no burning at all, only deep greening.


Is Milorganite safe for children and pets?
Yes. Children and pets can safely go onto areas that have been fertilized with Milorganite. Milorganite meets the most stringent criteria imposed on any fertilizer product for health, safety and environmental concerns. However, use cautionary measures around open bags of Milorganite and store unused portions away from children and pets.

What if my pet eats Milorganite?
If your pet does eat Milorganite, you can rest assured that Milorganite meets the strictest health and safety regulations imposed on any fertilizer product and won't seriously harm the animal. We do recommend, however, that you store unused Milorganite away from children and pets as it may give them an upset stomach if it is ingested. For further information, please call (800) 304-6204.

I heard that Milorganite contains heavy metals. Is that true?
Yes, that is true. All fertilizers, both organic and synthetic, contain some heavy metals. In fact, plants need some heavy metals, such as zinc and copper and molybdenum, for normal, healthy growth. Milorganite meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) "Exceptional Quality" criteria, which establishes the strictest concentration limits in the fertilizer industry for heavy metals. Many other common fertilizer products exceed the limits for metal concentrations established by the EPA "Exceptional Quality" standards. Milorganite, though, can be used with confidence for all your fertilizing needs, including use on all types of grass, trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetable gardens.

Can I use Milorganite for my vegetable garden?
Yes. Milorganite is an excellent and safe fertilizer for all plants that grow outdoors, including vegetables and other edible crops. Milorganite is practically goof-proof since it won't burn plants-even if it is over applied.

What is the difference between Organic and ‘Regular’ fertilizers?
Organic nutrients are "stored" in complex organic molecules until soil microorganisms break them down and "release" the nutrients for plant use. Regular synthetic fertilizers are chemical-based and need to be watered in.

Does Milorganite need to be watered in to work?
No. It is not necessary to water in Milorganite for it to work. Milorganite will stay on the soil until it rains or irrigation activates soil microbes that break it down into its nutrients. Watering in Milorganite will ensure that the fertilizer achieves soil contact earlier and speed up the fertilizing process, but it is not necessary.

Can Milorganite be applied in the summer or during drought?
Yes. Milorganite does not contain any salts so it will not burn plant leaves during dry or hot periods.

Is it true that Milorganite will keep deer away?
There is information published in the common press and on web sites that state that Milorganite is a deer repellent.

When can Milorganite be applied?
Milorganite can be applied any time during the growing season and it is suitable for your climate and growing conditions. It can be applied at any time of day.





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